Para rubber
To work with such a kind of wood and still maintain durability
with natural wood grain appearance need quite long experience of manufacturer like us. We can work with any kind of lumber but we would like to recommend you Para rubber wood and Monkey pod wood as they are grown for trade.

Para rubber&Monkey pod Our main productivities are in Para rubber wood lamination, Para rubber wood and Monkey pod wood lamination, Solid Monkey pod wood and End grain lamination of both.

End grain Behind the name of a reliable supplier, it is not only being as one of the expert in wood characteristic, also we train all of our staffs to be familiar with our modern machine from German, Italy and Japan, those machines include automatic lamination machine, NC router with CNC working center control.

Solid Monkey pod wood Autometic Lamination machine Our workmanship is skillful for any pigment of stain you want (if the chemicals are available) and finishing in all type of lacquer till Polyurethane coating. These points are always satisfy all customers’ specification. Additional, lumber is a commodity material, therefore, we always keep stock of them only for supplying our main customers with some reservation of quantity for new contracting customers, please check at for the updating of lumber situation in case you have big quantity of order either you want to develop long contracting with us.
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